Our Projects

Kitchen Repair

Repair and refurbishment of the kitchen area, buy viagra installation of wooden cabinets and pantry repair.

Total cost: $ 2744.68
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New Laundry Room

Project to purchase an industrial washing machine, cialis buy to wash clothes and towels, and facilitate jobs for the staff.

Total cost: $ 1500.00
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Project to purchase kitchen utensils

Total cost: $ 645
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Project to put a closet in each dorm room in Hogar de Fe

Install closets in the dormitories of the Hogar to promote order and cleanliness as an essential part of comprehensive education and life skills.

Total cost: $ 8662.49
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Purchase Tables and Chairs

Purchase tables and chairs for the dining room.

20 Chairs: $650.8

6 Tables: $435

Total cost: $ 1085.8
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Build a multi-use room in the orphanage.

False ceiling $ 2011.05
Roof $ 3279.30
Gates $ 1490.29
Electric System $ 863.13
Paint $ 466.98
Doors $ 770.65
Ceramic $ 2482.60
Total Cost $ 11364.00
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